Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Susse Crazy start to the Week

I think I had a premonition new bag from Summer Love Collection...

QE2 and Queen Mary extravaganza

Hello I am back from Tokyo.

My life has now gone into hyper drive. The past few weeks have been so busy.
A crazy week in Tokyo with Geisha girls, pole dancers ,national press publishing my photo( slightly weird expression on my face) ,Tokyo Marathon so much to tell but later.
My first night back and I find myself in a friend of friend apartment sky high
watching a piece of history in the making.
To add to the craziness my friend's husband was in a helicopter flying by the apartment
saying hello as he flew a camera about the harbour. It good to be back in Sydney never a dull moment.
Great fireworks nice start to a new week.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Susse Loves 05

I love a good cuppa
I may far away from my last home London.
Occasionally I get home sick.
Not any more as my friend gave me some London tea for Christmas.
Now drink a good blend of builders tea.
Why not make a cuppa for your sweet heart in the morning
it such a nice thing to wake up to..

Susse Loves 04

Check out their Valentines gifts , podcast, music, the best fun on-line shop on the planet

Monday, February 5, 2007

Susse Loves 03

Making Fairy Cakes
I love making Fairy cakes for fun. This is best reciepe I found on the net. Why not make some for your sweet heart.
Have fun decorating them or if you run out of time try
The best cupcakes in Sydney.

Friday, February 2, 2007

Susse Loves 02

Heart things Paper clips, pens and pencils don't have to be boring..
I added some love to Susse studio today.
Visit my favourite stationary store KiKi
this where I found these happy items
add some love to your life or mmm....drop a some hints to
any office sweet hearts .

Susse Loves 01

Tokyo the city of fun is one of my favorite cities and I am very excited
as will be in Tokyo for Valentines day.
Exhibiting along with other Australian brands
It is my 4th visit to Tokyo hopefully this time I won't get lost.
I always get preoccupied in a shop and completely forget how I arrived there in the first place.
I will have special report on Tokyo Fun later on this month.