Friday, August 31, 2007

Shop for a Cure OCRF Bag

We are proud to be involved in the She Finds and OCRF campaign to help raise funds for
the OCRF charity and help support women. 30 designers from around the world will help support this event launching 4th of September 2007 also co insides with New York fashion week.
Our limited edition mini bags have arrived in the warehouse. The Susse mini bag features Hamish a cute little Scottish dog with his warm tartan winter scarf. A great gift for overseas relatives in the northern hemisphere.
Guaranteed to be a talking point with friends and colleagues.
Why not visit She finds next week and see all the great designs on sale. Help shop for a cure.
Detail of Hamish

Hamish smiles for you

The official Susse ltd edition leather label

Made of wool mix fabric leather trims and suede applique

Comes with branded dust bag.

Shop for Hamish

Monday, August 13, 2007

Oh my so cute

A new blog on the block worth checking out for all things cute I love the Title page the flowers are super Kawaiiiii
Thank you for giving our new Susse Shopping Site a mention as a cute website worth visiting.
Check it out

Sydney Design Week

All things Design are happening this week why not see for yourself all the great events that are
happening around town.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Susse Saturday Shop Recommendation

The place to find a vintage Enid Collins Cigar Box Handbag
Keeping in the theme of Vintage if you are out and about Paddington I recommend Harlequin Market. treasure trove of vintage finds. Not a large shop but rich with vintage treasures. Like a collection of Enid Collins Cigar Box handbag. The wall is covered like a chaise long with padded button down wall full of gorgeous vintage jewellery and a rack of beaded evening wear. I suspect you may find yourself browsing for at least half an hour if you adore vintage fashion. Why not visit Harlequin Market 94 A Oxford Street Paddington 2021 Australia.
No website yet the only just opened.

Susse Trend Spotting

Vintage Brooch is making a comeback ?

Could it be Marc Jacobs influence?

I have been noticing a bit bling around the streets of Sydney lately. May be it is a trend picked up from Marc Jacobs Summer collection. Rhinestones are popular at the moment. In particular the Vintage brooch a fashionable statement without being over the top. Scourer the markets of Sydney ,Sports Girl and even Vinnes to update your wardrobe with a cute statement piece of Jewellery.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Green Clean

Make your spring clean green...

I recommend this book for top tips on keeping your house a clean green zone.

Chemical Free Home by Robin Stewart. Published by Black Inc..

I was reading Good Health Magazine and read this great article by Patrizia Reimer.

Here is Great Shopping list that she recommended.

1 Bicarbonate of soda for stain removal,deodorising and stain removal

2.Borax for beaching and stain removal

3.Cloves for repelling moths

4.Eucalyptus oil for disinfecting,removing grease and chewing gum.

5.Fly swats

6.The juice of lemons bleaching cleaning and deodorising

7.Olive oil for polishing and protecting wood

8. Pure soap

9.Soap shaker

10.Salt for disinfecting

11.Steel wool

12.Plain vinegar useful for mould beaching and Household cleaning.

13.Washing soda to clean drains and polishing silver.

Happy green cleaning..

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Put your pinnie on

Get glam before you spring clean. Pinnie is a word my Scottish grandmother would always use and for non Scottish people it means apron. An important tool in the spring clean ritual. Must keep glam while cleaning. I was trying to find a store that sold fantastic fun aprons (not your usual rude ones) ... Then I thought about the wonderful vintage aprons and they made their hey day in the 1950's. It would be fun to make you own personalised pinnie and make it super cute or just functional. Found this website so vintage patterns for fantastic vintage patterns. I love discovering vintage patterns from markets like Rozelle. MM mm maybe it's time for some Susse Aprons? Check out this website for inspiration for maybe even for your spring wardrobe...

Monday, August 6, 2007

Put the fun back into trash

First thing to do before you embark on your super spring clean is get that clutter under control. I love these trash bags. They look to good to throw out . You can have the most glamorous trash in the street or taking your things to be recyled at the local charity store. Visit this great shopping site :

Friday, August 3, 2007

Susse Vote of the Week

As you can see I have had a little spring clean on the Susse Blog.
It would be nice to have your feed back. we have added new features to help you out.
No you can hive the Susse Blog.
You can subscribe to the Susse Blog.
E-mail to a friend our blog.
Post a comment on the Susse Blog.
Finally you can vote each week at the Susse Blog. Check the box on right hand side.
Let us know what you would like to see on the Susse Blog or our shopping site.

Susse Spring Clean Week

The sun is starting to shine and the birds are starting reappear in the garden. It's time to think about spring cleaning. (OK it's raining today but there is no harm in starting is there.) I hope to bring you some new fun spring cleaning tips in the following week.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Cute and Fun for your ears

I found these cuties on I can't take the credit for finding them but so cute. Just clip them onto your ear phones and you have instant cute appeal.
Okay maybe not functional but a great idea. here is something for all you I pod lovers.