Sunday, January 25, 2009

Love is in the air Castle and Things

Images copyright of Castle and things
Hand embroidered artwork for Valentines day
Love is in the air as Valentines day approaches. I have been surfing around looking for unusual gifts to say I love you. I am in love with this new range of bedding and art work from Sydney based company . I found this website at of my favorite blogs Decor8 so I can't take credit for the find. If you are looking for something fresh for your bedroom then it worth a look at Castle. All the products are handmade and hand printed in Australia.
Looking for somethings special to say I love you and will last longer than a bunch of flowers or chocolates then why not also check out the hand made art work with slogans like it must be love hand stitched on vintage French linen. Using a variety of different fabrics. All pieces are signed with the Castle C and a cross with love.
Now there's a special gift.
Happy Australia day and Happy Luna New Year.
Images copyright of Castle and things

Images copyright of Castle and things

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Susse Clearance Sale

You are probably over dosing on sales but I hope our sale was worth the wait.
Our Stock clearance sale is now on until 2nd of February. with 50% to 85 % off selected items.
Happy shopping : ).
Visit to find out more.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Happy Endings

I found this little treasure at the Saturday Kinokuniya book store craft fair. I love my new felty ring. The website is not up yet but really looking forward to accessing the designs and goodies from worth a book mark.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Worth a visit Frizzifrizzi if you are anything like me and your Italian is not so hot you can use google translation tool to find out what all their interesting articles are about and inspiring visuals.
Thank you Frizzifrizzi for giving Susse Collection a mention .

Add fun to your home

Something new at the Susse Store if you love our handbags check out our new cute cushions so now you can add a touch of fun to your home. Only available at the Susse Collection Store.
All copyright reserved (c) 2009 Susse Pty Ltd
All copyright reserved (c) 2009 Susse Pty Ltd
All copyright reserved (c) 2009 Susse Pty Ltd

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Easy Listening at Floozy

It is easy listening at Floozy. Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes with designers and their collections?
Kate at Floozy has put together some lovely podcast interviews at her website.
adding more fun to the whole shopping experience at Floozy. Kate sells some lovely accessories that she personally sources from around the world and some rare to finds.
Grab a coffee and sit back and relax and listen to all the designers talking about their experiences and you maybe tempted to shop for a few things while your there.
You can listen to my interview here

Happy Shiny New Year

Happy Shiny New Year.Feeling positive despite the doom and gloom predicted for 2009.
I wish you all a Happy Shiny New Year a new blank page to start a fresh new year.
Here is a picture of Sydney sunshine to brighten up your January.