Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sydney Design 09

It has been an amazing weekend weather wise here in Sydney. We are calling it Sprinter here.
It was the perfect weather for the Sydney Design Festival 09. I haven't been able to see that much this time around but I did manage to visit the Young Blood Designer Market. There where so many goodies to be found but here are a few things I purchased and some things on my wish list or possible gift for someone.
Here is an image I found on the Mugabo Design blog a lovely art installation. I manage to purchase some cute wood block prints which I can't wait to frame them. There really tiny but I felt compelled to support the artist as she had such nice stories behind her prints and characters. I purchased Mr Pineapple head and the Pasta Prince.
Image copyright of Mugabo Design Pasta Prince Image copyright of Mugabo Design Pineapple Head Image copyright of Mugabo Design
Image copyright of Keep Cup
My other purchase was quite practical one. I was quite taken a back because only the other day I was thinking about how many takeaway coffees I buy on route to the park and beach with Felix and started to think about how can I reduce all that paper and plastic I keep throwing away with each coffee. Et voila!! I found KeepCup. Not a new idea but their design it just right any checkout their website for more info. I will be road testing on Monday morning let you know it works with pram in toe. On my wish list was the charming work of Mooza Design hand made signs. I was thinking they where a lovely gift for someone. The market was really busy and hectic and quite squashed so I couldn't make my mind up there and then but you can buy on-line so once I can think of the right person I will no doubt be shopping.
Image copyright of Mooza Design

Monday, August 3, 2009

Special Day

It's a special day today celebrating my 9th wedding anniversary . I was wondering what the traditional gift for this year would be? It turns out to be pottery. Interested in your wedding anniversary year check it out here.
I am off for a surprise romantic dinner so excited .

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Peppermint Magazine

Carrying on the theme of small pleasures. I love nothing better than sitting down and having a good read. I discovered a new magazine. Australia's first eco fashion magazine Peppermint. Hold your horses before you start to judge this publication it's not all hemp 70's clothing. I think it's a magazine designers should take note of the growing movement of eco conscious design today. I really loved the article Made with love (The world of DIY) by Tess Curran. It must have taking quite a lot of research for this article which is really a snap shot of Australia's creative crafting community and bloggers. Mostly about how their businesses where borne from the pleasure they took in creating things by hand. A certain percentage of the cover price goes to a good cause and the magazine is even printed using waterless printing methods. I am hooked now and certainly look out for their next issue.
Image copyright of Peppermint magazine Get more of Peppermint Magazine here, here and here

The importance of having fun..

I haven’t been making the page in the month of July. Blogging and work /creative life have been taking a back seat and being Mum seems to have been the order of the day in July as Felix demands more from his Mum as he learns more about his new world through play and inquisitiveness. I have to be honest I seem too have been running on empty in July. My battery has been peeping at red for the past few weeks. This post today is about something of a reminder to myself the importance of having fun. I had a great night out this week with some girlfriends at art after hours at the gallery of NSW. Its place I love to visit and there is something magical about being there at night with all the beautiful paintings surrounding you. We attended a talk by the SBS new reader Lee Lin Chin and her theme was the focusing on small pleasures including the return to letter writing, crafting, making our own clothing and cooking. We have all the fast mod cons to help speed our lives and now we want to take it slow and enjoy the small pleasures in life. Afterwards we went down to check out some basket weaving which we were all a bit like let’s stay for a few minutes but we ended up giggling for an hour and half trying to work out our creations and laughing till we cried. How did I feel? Energised and surprised with what I came up with a weird flower basket. So my note to myself for August is don’t forget the small pleasures in life, laugh and most of all have a little fun.
My little creation of fun