Sunday, February 21, 2010

Rocket Pants!!

Rocket Pants?? You say what's this blog post about??
Just saying saying hey look what I made this week.
The sewing machine was dusted down and I made Rocket some Rocket pants. I bought some fabric ages and ages ago from Bad skirt. I found this pattern in Vinnie's which was for size age 4 but I managed to change it to size age 2 quite a good find for $2. The cover illustrations are very eighties don't you think. Anyway I had some fun sewing these. Amazingly they fitted!! Trying to do made to measure for a toddler not easy I can tell you.
I have a fun week.

Happy Birthday February Friends

Happy Birthday February Friends!!!
I seem too have so many friends birthdays that fall in February nearly everyday. So here is a card I made for one friend this week. Happy Birthday to all you February people out there.

Oops! Valentines Day Video

OOps!! I can't workout why my video on my last post dosen't work. Not very techie I am sorry to say. You can see my Valentines Day Video I have posted it up over at my facebook page.
For those people who said hey where is it ?

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentines Day

Just for fun here are few illustrations I have been working on as a joint

collaboration with a friend for an animation. I thought you might like them.

I hope everyone has a Happy Valentines Day tomorrow.


Sunday, February 7, 2010

Rainy day where shall we go and play

Rain Rain and more rain has been the story here in Sydney this weekend and we where suffering cabin fever today and decided to go to the Art Gallery of NSW. We had a great family day out. Here is an interesting installation we found today. Created by artist Tatzu Nishi's as part of the Kaldor Public Art Project which is celebrating it's fortieth year. At the entrance of the gallery you will find two temporary buildings and as you enter the first building and you will be greeted by a living room interior. We felt like we where at an inspection for a rental and should leave our details. Taking a closer look and something is not quite right open the cupboard and you find a piece of statue. The the other building you are greeted by a huge horse sculpture standing on a bed. It was amazing to look up close at these sculptures and felt quite dream like. Raining all day we certainly found something fun to see and do today.

Books a thing of beauty

Books are not just for reading they can be a thing of beauty.I personally find books inspiring for my own work and here are a few creative designers and artist finding beauty in second hand books and running it into their art work where books become the main focal point for their creations. I think there is a global mini trend happening here. Could it be a reaction to books going digital and we may start to find the art of book making disappearing? Melbourne-Australia Spotted in the current issue of Inside Out Magazine Melbourne based artist Nicolas Jones crafts the most delicate sculptures out of second hand books the he folds pleats and craves the pages out of books giving new life to often discarded unloved books. Visit Nicolas website to see his work. Paris- France There is an interesting article and interview with Parisian bag designer Olympia Le Tan in the current issue of Frankie Magazine who spends up to three days embroidering her favorite book covers and then turns them in to couture book bags. she is causing quite a stir in blog world with her current collection. Visit Olympia's web site to see these creations. London- UK British designer Amy Anderson current collection Spring /summer 2010 In search of love Part II- Lima Oscar Victor Echo uses the pages from a Victorian Collegiate Atlas which have been laser cut to create tiny books that are enclosed in silver or gold ornate covers and made into delicate necklaces something special for Valentine's day. Visit Amy's website to see her very unique and special designs or stop by her flag ship store if you happen to be in London.