Thursday, March 31, 2011

21 Days

It is said it takes 21 days to form a new habit or break an old habit so I have decided there are some new changes ahead in Susse land and here is my new journal I have started. I might share with you some of my journalings as I go along and if 21 days really do work. Here are some of the illustrations I have put in it for now to get me motivated. Watch this space.
Images copyright of Susse Ltd 2011

Here comes the sun playing tourist in the city

Hooray at last the sun has arrived in London. On Sunday the clocks went forward and it felt like spring had finally arrived in the city. We played tourists on Sunday and took a walk along the Thames from St Paul's to Tower bridge and the Design Museum. Which I had not had the opportunity to visit when I lived in London before. There where a couple of exhibitions I really enjoyed. The Brit Insurance design awards 2011.The design Oscars find out more here at the design museum website
One of my favorite exhibits was this in the interactive section

Wallpaper* Custom Cover Project 2010 from kin on Vimeo.

Outside the museum there was this interesting exhibit a giant fish tank displaying the design work of fashion designer Corrie Nielsen from sketch to show piece . find out more here
Out side the design museum

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sending Happy Packs

This is maybe not a happy subject. My thoughts have been about the terrible events in Japan. Having visit the country several times and had so much support for customers there. I wish I could send Japan a happy pack. But at least I can send love and healing thoughts to the people I know in Japan.
In our house we often send a happy pack to a friend who maybe having a hard time or down.
It is great fun to put a little something together and pop it in the post . I recently sent my Grandma a Happy Valentines day pack as she has had some serious health issues and she loved it made her so happy for weeks.
So maybe you know some one who needs a happy pack add some fun to their day make them smile again.