Monday, December 30, 2013

Add fun to your new year

Add fun to your year Susse Ltd © 2014
Happy new year. I hope 2014 will be a bright sun filled year of happiness. Here is my first calendar page for 2014.
All the best Susse XX

Friday, December 20, 2013

Happy Holidays and Thank you

Happy Holidays and Thank you Happy tree © 2013 Susse Ltd

I just wanted to end the year with this crazy happy tree and wish everyone who visited my site and supports all my social media platforms  a very happy holiday season and all the best in 2014. Thank you for your support I really appreciate people who take the time to stop by.   Susse XX

From desk this week- looking forward 2014

Getting ready for bootcamp © 2013 Susse Ltd.

Hello from my desk this week well actually for the last time this year. I have had an exciting journey this year with my work. It's been a challenging year on both a personal level and health wise but I feel I am in a better place now. Ready to move into the new year and get going on the next plans for 2014. Already my wall planner is starting to take shape. I am really excited to be taking part in the Lilla Rogers School course assignment boot camp. I hope it is going to help me grow as an artist/designer and take my work onto a new level.  I am sure I will share the experience with you next year here on my blog. If your interested you can find out more about the courses run by Lilla's school. here
I am tidying up my desk and getting ready for a lovely time with my family and friends over the holiday season. See you on the other side in 2014. 

Thursday, December 12, 2013

A dream come true - Print and Pattern Blog

A dream come true my work featured on the Print and Pattern blog. Image © Print and Pattern Blog

A dream came true today. I was having my usual lunchtime break browsing my favorite blogs when I discovered that my work was showcased  today on one of my all time favorite blogs Print and Pattern. As a designer I often day dream thinking wow!! I would love to have my work showcased on this blog or in this magazine. Today one of my day dreams came true. So thank you so much Print and Pattern for showcasing my work. You can read the full article here 

Christmas in our house

Hello how are things going for you? Getting that holiday feeling yet. Today I can officially say I am feeling Christmassy. I just made Rocket's angel costume for his" BIG SHOW" as he calls it. So looking forward to seeing his performance. Here are a few other Christmassy things going on in our house. My Danish side really comes out the Christmas holiday season. Any thing that you do each year that makes you feel Christmassy?

Making glitter stars in our house

New star lights for the stairs.My husbands family air loom angel decoration from New Zealand

Angel costume for Rocket's Christmas show

International tree Danish/Scottish /New Zealand

Christmas Angel I keep on my shelf in the studio all year round.
Nissa I made for Rocket when he was born to guard the Christmas tree and presents

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Susse gift guide for Girls

Here is my third Susse gift guide and this one is for the girls. Lots of new bags and pillows added to Society 6 store. I guess you can find a little present for Mum, girlfriend,wife,aunt and sisters. 
I hope you find something you like.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Susse gift guide for Guys

Here my second Susse Gift guide some of my favorites for the boys. It's always hard to buy holiday gifts for guys. Now they have mugs added to the store so you can't go wrong with one of those.  I hope you like them all available at my Society 6 store.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Susse gift guide for Kids

Hello are getting excited about the holidays? I have one very excited five year old in our house bouncing of the walls in excitement this week. I thought if you are like me like to click and buy and find something a bit more unusual I have put together a few gift guides. I have added more items to my Society 6 store this week. They have just added kids t-shirts and onesies now so my Society 6 store caters for everyone in the family now.
I hope you like my suggestions. More gift guides coming soon.


Monday, November 25, 2013

Add fun to your year

Add fun to your year December Susse Ltd © 2013
Hello  Winter has officially arrived in London.  The Holiday craziness is just about to start.
Just before it all goes crazy here is my last calendar page of the year. I really enjoy making them for you. I hope you enjoyed using them. So enjoy and have a good week.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Putting the pieces of the pattern together

Putting the pieces of the pattern together Susse Ltd © 2013
Free flow and tossed patterns at UGTR Susse Ltd © 2013

Hello from my desk this week. I have been busy working in the UGTR workshop over at Pattern Observer. The course is nearly finished but I just wanted to share with you how I felt about the course.
For me it felt like the final pieces to a big jigsaw puzzle had just been completed. I have been trying for about a year to work around the computer and using it for pattern design. Two big things I manage to overcome this year was becoming more professional with my pattern designs. Getting to know how to use the tools Illustrator and Photo shop correctly. I have bought books, I have sat through Lynda tutorials. This course has really been the Ultimate guide to repeats.

I did find some of it challenging but I know with more practise I think I can only improve my design work. It felt good to push the boundaries and acquire some new skills.
The support from other fellow learners  and the Pattern Observer team on the forum was great everyone cheering everyone on and sharing their knowledge.  I feeling more confident technically and creating more designs. So watch this space for some new patterns coming soon...

Have a great weekend.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

New Holiday Catalogue for the Susse Store.

Stitch picture from the Susse Store

Here is a little catalogue for you to enjoy of the current holiday products on sale at the Susse Collection store.
The Winter's tale collection is inspired by an imaginary winter forest it could be Canada or a forest in northern  Scandinavia. Imagine crispy snow under foot ,large fir trees and imaginary bears and birds getting ready for the holidays. Busy holiday scenes adorn greeting cards,handmade note books and hand stitched pictures. All for you to enjoy and send to your friends and family this holiday. I hope you enjoy browsing this catalogue.  

Friday, November 8, 2013

From my desk this week- Pattern Queen

Dreaming of becoming a pattern Queen Susse Ltd © 2013

Making patterns at UGTR workshop Susse Ltd © 2013

Hello from my desk this week. It's been a very busy week for me as I played catch up with the workshop I started last week. The ultimate guide to repeats from Pattern Observer. Although I crammed two weeks into one after the mid term break. I have thoroughly enjoyed it so far. So here is some show and tell on what I have been working on. Set repeats and my little demon the tossed repeat something I have always had great difficulty mastering. I truly admire people have a natural talent with making patterns look seamless. As they say practice makes perfect. One day I might just be a pattern queen.
Check out my pinterest board  Pattern Queens for some pattern inspiration.
Have a lovely weekend and see you next week.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wooo hoo Happy Halloween

Halloween at the Curve Garden  © Susse Ltd 2013

Wooo  hoo oooo Happy Halloween. Here are some personal pictures today of our family outing to Curve garden last Sunday. we had the perfect Autumn Sunday last weekend.  I made some Home made pancakes for breakfast then off to Columbia flower market and then to the Museum of Childhood. Popped into a friends for coffee and a catch up. Then we ended our day and went to the Curve garden where all the local kids where carving pumpkins. Then the night came and the Curve garden was turned into a magical place as the lights where slowly turned out and we all looked in awe at all the pumpkin lanterns twinkling away in the garden. A beautiful memory to have. I hope Rocket will keep this as a childhood memory in the future. Happy Halloween.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Add fun to your year

Add fun to your  year November Susse Ltd © 2013

Hello it's time to add some fun to your year again. We manage to survive the storm in London this week. Sadly some old beautiful trees are missing in the surrounding streets like missing teeth. But the good news no one was hurt so I guess that's a good thing and  it is making way for some new trees in the neighbourhood.  Here is a new calendar page for November to print and down load inspired by all those swirling leaves that the Autumn winds bring. No swirling trees though. Enjoy.

Friday, October 25, 2013

From my desk this week - Cards for the holidays.

Happy Holidays Greeting Cards Susse Ltd © 2013
Hello from my desk this week. I have been busy putting the finishing touches to some new products for the Susse Store it's been some time since I updated it. Here's a peak of work in progress of my store catalogue I am working on. It's not quite right yet but I thought I wanted to show you some of my greeting cards from my Winters Tale that I have designed. It dose feel like the Holiday's are a long way off as we get ready for Halloween . But it never surprises me how Christmas just suddenly appears out of the blue.  I am getting ready for mid term break so lots of pumpkin carving and Halloween costume making for me and Rocket next week.
Have a lovely weekend and don't forget to change your clocks if you live in the UK winters is on it's way.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

From my desk this week Positive moves

Hello from my desk this week. This month has all been about  positive moves. Yesterday I finally put my profile up on the Moyo directory.  A fantastic resource for talented surface pattern designers from around the world. They also produce a beautiful Moyo magazine about surface pattern. I have been planning to put my work on show for some time so I am excited I finally made it. If you like what you see why not give me a like. Or support the other designers too.

As I said my main focus has all been  about positive moves for my business this month so I am also excited to taking part in the next Pattern Observer Ultimate guide to repeats workshop starting next week. I really want to make my patterns more professional now as I am getting comfortable using the computer now. I am looking forward to seeing what creations I can come up with in the work shop. I will let you know  my experiences too.

Any positive moves you have made this week for yourself?

Sunday, October 6, 2013

From my desk this week Nice Surprise

Wig Wham design for Shapes Tigerprint competition.  Susse Ltd © 2013

Hello from my desk this week. I don't usually post at the weekend. Yeah family all still asleep so I just popped into share my nice surprise I had this week. Remember I entered a competition a few weeks back at Tiger print.
I made it to the top ten out of 1000 entries. I am so happy as I have been experimenting with some new colours and feeling more confident using the computer. Just working with shape and colour is quite a nice challenge to work on especially as I always like to do more figurative designs.  Check out the other lovely entries too. Everyone still asleep I am going enjoy a nice Sunday morning coffee enjoy the beautiful sunshine. See you next week.

Making Shapes Susse Ltd © 2013

Friday, October 4, 2013

Susse Collection Tote Bags at Society 6

Society 6 have just launch a new tote style bag over at their store. I thought I would share how some of my designs look. I think it's a better style of design and easy strap that won't get dirty. I haven't manage a from my desk post in a while as I have been super busy but will try and check in next week. 
Have a good weekend. Susse X

SPRING TULIPS                   

                                            Susse Ltd © 2013


Susse Ltd © 2013


Susse Ltd © 2013


Susse Ltd © 2013


Susse Ltd © 2013


Susse Ltd © 2013


Susse Ltd © 2013

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

New Susse Shop at Bespo

Hello I just wanted to share my new store over at Bespo. The Bespo store is a UK based store where artists promote and sell their designs as products worldwide as an on line community. The good thing is all products are produced on demand so no back log of stock. I always wanted to create more home ware products. You can now brighten up your home with some Susse home wares. From cushions, place mats art prints and tea towels.  
I went back to my  Scandinavian roots for this little collection called Folk tales. Taking inspiration from Scandinavian folk art and giving it a modern twist. I hope you like the new collection and enjoy some of the other great designs over at Bespo.

Folk tales at Bespo Susse Ltd©2013

Folk Sun at Bespo Susse Ltd©2013

Folk Bird at Bespo Susse Ltd©2013

Folk Garden at Bespo Susse Ltd©2013

Folk Town at Bespo Susse Ltd©2013

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Add fun to your Year

Just being silly today blinking cat Susse Ltd © 2013

Add fun to your year  October
Wow another month whizzed by again. Here is my calendar free printable to down load for October.
I just couldn't decided too make my Halloween cat moon with eyes open or closed so I came up with a
silly animated gif. I decided on eyes shut I think he looks a very contented Halloween cat moon.


Friday, September 20, 2013

From my desk this week- Making Shapes

Making shapes Susse Ltd © 2013
Hello from my desk this week. I am still in a geometric shapes mood. I just submitted some designs for
the latest Tiger print competition. Yes I seem to be going competitiontastic this year. It has really helped me to get back on track and work to deadlines again build up my portfolio.

It's design week here in London and there is so much on this weekend to see and do. I am hoping to pop down to Shoreditch and see the Donna Wilson exhibition. (might have to keep  my wallet at home though to tempting I love so many of her designs)

Have a great weekend. XX