Monday, May 27, 2013

Add fun to your year

Sailor girl for June Susse Ltd © 2013

I am toddling off for a few days for the mid term break with Rocket. Here it's June's Calendar to enjoy and download. I have been dreaming about being at the beach and the sea side and warm sunshine. I am off to Scotland for a few days so not packing my bikini more my beanie and thermals with this crazy cat weather that's going on just now.  Have a great week. XX

Friday, May 24, 2013

It's not about the winning it's the taking part.

Clouds of doubt  Susse Ltd © 2013

Remember my post awhile back about Action. Yesterday I made a list of positive action and ran through it. This was inspired recently by a radio show I listened to by Design sponge about raising the bar for your business. I love listening to After the Jump shows and always come away feeling inspired. Highly recommend listening to this show especially if you feel in a negative cycle or hurdle you have to over come with your business just now.

So what was one of my Action steps I took yesterday?
I signed up for the Lilla Rogers Global Talent search. I have also mentioned the book I just like to make things by Lilla Rogers here.

I have known about the agency for a few years. I love some of the artist's work they represent. So when I read on their blog about their competition why not give it a go. (Well there was a lot of negative talk whizzing around my head at first and oh maybe not. What you thinking Miss Susse?)
I hope this isn't sounding that I am  to bonkers here.

Then I thought you know what Susse why not give it go?

I thought it's not about the winning it's the taking part. Learning for the whole experience. Taking a step along a new path. Meeting people and telling people about who your are and what you do.  I think only positive things will come from taking part. So here I am sharing the first part of my journey. If your are an artist interested in taking part in the journey why not have a go. Visit this link here 

Have a great bank holiday weekend.

Copyright Lilla Rodgers studio

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

From my desk this week How the Sellable Sketch course made me focus

Hello from my desk this week. I wanted to share with you my experience of the Sellable Sketch course  created by Michelle Fifis over at Pattern Observer. I took the course last winter mainly to regain some focus with my business and achieve my goal of recreating surface patterns again. 

Are you an illustrator, artist or designer interested in creating patterns? Having a system in place to your design process. Then this is a really helpful course. For me the one thing it really did for me was give me focus and get me back on track with my designing days and approach to my work.  Over the past few months I have talked about time management and balancing Mum and work life. I have to say it has only been over the past few months that I realised how the sellable sketch course has been so beneficial to me.

My design process is thinking of my ideal customer creating a mood board for the customer and end products. Get working in my sketch books generating ideas. Then creating the original artwork and then getting to work on the computer. I am a more hands on designer I like to work with something physical and tactile like paper,fabric and paint so I use to find using the computer a bit of mental block. Working through my new process and tips and tricks from the sellable sketch course those blocks have disappeared. I get very excited about the possibilities there are using the computer to create designs now. The other great thing is you get to connect with other people on the course and share and discuss ideas. Ask questions about the surface pattern industry. As Michelle points out you can end up working in a bubble as a  designer. I found the sellable sketch course helped to pop those bubbles and have a focus on reality. Open up more possibilities with my designs and application of them. So maybe this might be something for you if your designer or artist looking to add more skills to your portfolio. Have a lovely week .

Thinking about your ideal customer Susse Ltd ©2013 

Doodling and sketching  Susse Ltd ©2013 
Original art work Susse Ltd ©2013 
Final digital design Susse Ltd ©2013 

You can find out more about the course and other e-courses over here.

                                                    The Sellable Sketch 160 px x 210 px

Friday, May 10, 2013

Introducing Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases Society 6

Good news Society 6 have just released a new case for the Samsung Galaxy S4. Now you can add a bit of Susse fun to your phone. There is Free shipping  over the weekend too. Have a lovely weekend.

Fashion Girl Phone Case

Afro Girl Phone Case

Hipster Girl Phone case 

Butterfly and Spring Garden Phone case

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

From my desk this week Tea Break

From my desk this week Tea break 
Hello from my desk this week. Not much working going on today I am all over the place this week. I always find that after a holiday break even if it's just one day. I have just been for an eye test eyes are all good. I managed to get a copy of issue 17 of Uppercase magazine on the way back home hooray. I tired to find a copy when I was in central London last week but it had sold out everywhere. I found one in my favorite fabric store Ray Stitch one  of the last two copies.
I am now going to enjoy a good read as it is an issue especially dedicated to stationery some of my favorite artists.
Then I might just get myself together and do some work this afternoon. In the background you can see some swimming ladies. I am experimenting more with paint this week. Also craving a proper holiday dreaming of floating in a blue turquoise sea somewhere. So I am getting a lot of inspiration from these thoughts this week Summer is coming soon.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Mama Patterns

Mama Patterns by Susse Susse Ltd © 2013

Susse Mama Pattern to download and use by Susse Susse Ltd © 2013
Hello how was your weekend? We had a great one celebrating Rocket's birthday and enjoying the Spring weather. It's bank holiday today so we are thinking of a picnic in Regents park today. I might take my sketch book with me as the flowers are always amazing this time of year.

Here is sneaky peak from last weeks work in the studio working on Mama patterns for Mother's day.
I thought I would give you one of them to print and use for Mother's day coming up soon.
So enjoy and have a wonderful week.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Happy Birthday Rocket

Happy BIrthday by Susse  Susse Ltd © 2013

My Rocket turns five tomorrow. It hard to believe that the five years have flown by.  I remember him so tiny in my arms and feeling a little frightened and happy at the same time when I was in the hospital wondering how am I going to be a Mum ? When you have children it really reminds you how short life really is as time flys by. I was talking to another Mum friend the other day. Saying Wow!! another 6 years and our kids will be starting High school. Not that long away.

Happy Birthday Rocket.Thank you Rocket for the most exciting five years so far. Thank you for your wonderful positive energy, happiness and endless love. I feel so lucky to have you in my life.

Enjoy the bank holiday weekend we are going to party all weekend long.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

From my desk this week

Tigerprint competition Susse Ltd ©2013
Hello from my desk this week. I have entered a competition over at Tigerprint see if you can spot my designs. I really enjoyed working on a few ideas for their latest competition and working to a brief. Tigerprint have a large design studio here in the UK developing great ideas for stationery and gift products.  I have always love stationery and would collect stationery when I was a little girl. Spending hours in stationery shops. Collecting Hello Kitty products well into my twenties. I would have a field day when ever I travelled to Tokyo there are some amazing stationery stores to browse in. If you love stationery and pattern design it's worth visting their blog and also this other blog you.  Discover some interesting designers. If your designer why not have ago at the competition for yourself.