Thursday, June 27, 2013

From my desk this week - experimenting

Susse Ltd © 2013
Hello from my desk this week. yes two post in one day. After blog silence. I have been doing a lot of experimenting this week. Playing around with ink,paper paint collage and getting into more photo shop.
It has been great to play. Get out of a style rut. It's worth taking the time to just play for a few days. Okay you might produce some rubbish(mm like me) but eventually you can find a new path. I am working on my show room and winter portfolio. I did plan to have it up and running this spring but I  am not very techie so over the summer I getting to work on it and maybe calling in a few techie friends to help out.
Anyway I just wanted to say why not just have some fun and play and get some fresh ideas happening.
Have a great weekend and if you are in London why not support the New Designer show. I am popping down tomorrow support my old collage.

Add fun to your year

Susse Ltd © 2013

Wow. Ok reach the halfway point to the year. Really wishing we have some nice long sunny days in July.
School holidays are around the corner Rocket s trying his first summer workshops. I hope he enjoys them. Lots of singing, dancing, painting and even film making to do in the holidays. The routine will be going a bit slower over the next few months in our house. No mad rushes to school in the mornings.

Here is my calendar page for July dreaming of hot sunshine and eating fab ice lollies and ice cream cones in the park. Here's to a happy sunny July.

Friday, June 21, 2013

From my desk this week

Paper designs and note book samples Susse Ltd ©2013

Paper designs and note book samples Susse Ltd ©2013
Hello from my desk this week. I have been quiet this week on the blog front. I have been working on new things for my Susse shop and paper designs for notebooks and stationery. Heres a peak. A short and sweet post this week. Promise to be more talkative next week. Have a great weekend. Susse XX

Friday, June 14, 2013

From my desk this week- Ohh Deer Competition

Hello from my desk this week. I am at the end week hooray it's Friday. Here are a few deigns I submitted to the Ohh Deer competition which is on just now. If your an artist why not give it a go. Visit their shop and support the artist who have a rare opportunity to show their work to the public on the Ohh Deer site.
I chose a summer theme as it will be officially summer too. Being a summer girl I enjoyed creating theses design  inspired by the colourful summer park life of London.  I am not sure my design are up for sale yet but take a look at the site.

Summer Time Susse Ltd © 2013

Summer in the park  Susse Ltd © 2013

Roller Girl  Susse Ltd © 2013

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Becoming a Happify Pioneer

Happify Pioneer Susse Ltd © 2013

Hello have you heard of Happify yet? 

Well I didn't until last month. I received an e-mail to become part  of the Happify Pioneer programe. It's a website which is being tested right now. Claims to increase your Happiness levels using the Science of  happiness through games and tasks and working with in an on-line community of Happify.

 I was surprised to be asked to join. In a world where it seems we are getting more unhappy  and discontented with our lives and sometimes social media can fuel that discontentment looking at  blog prefect worlds and Facebook envy.  Maybe Happify is something we need in the world.  There is a growing  trend for all things Happy right now for exampleThe Happy Movie and The Happiness project.

Happify is not really about showing off  or being competitive it's about sharing your experiences and reactions with other people who maybe in the same life path as you. Learning something new about yourself. Well that's just my idea about the site.

I am not a great social net worker. I was curious to try out the site and see where it would  lead me as Happiness is something I try to inject into my own brand and products.

So far I have tried one of the tasks and already discovered how to get myself out a negative tail spin which I have to be honest I am pretty good at doing those.
If your interested in getting Happy you can find our more here.
I might share any light bulb moments with you as I progress with the website tasks. I just wanted to add I wasn't paid to promote this website I am just doing as I want to learn more about creating happiness into peoples lives and my own.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Free printable of the month

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Hey an extra post for you today. If you sign up to the Susse Newsletter this month you will get this free a Father's Dad gift wrap to down load and print. Our regular newsletter subscribers get a free printable every month and a discount code for the Susse shop. Get in the know about the latest Susse news.
So why not sign up today here

Fun for the Dads

Dad gifts Susse Ltd © 2013
Hello have you thought about gifts for Father's Day yet?
Is it going to be another tie, pair of undies or socks? Here are some fun things I have created for Father's day. Why not check out the artist at  Society 6 and see if there is something a little different that Dad might like this year. There are no ties, socks are undies here. 

Monocle Dog Susse Ltd © 2013

Mod Dog Susse Ltd © 2013

Tech Dad Susse Ltd © 2013

Cool Daddy Susse Ltd © 2013

Skate Dad Susse Ltd © 2013

Hipster Dad Susse Ltd © 2013

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

From my desk this week- Sketch book peaks

Hello from my desk this week. I had a great break last week up in Scotland. No need for thermals and woolly beanies on our trip. I was visiting my folks and we managed a drive to the beach. Rocket was so happy to get his little toes into the sand and build and break up sand castles on the beach with his Grandpa. I am feeling great after a change of scenery. It's been a year  since I have been out of London. So a break away for the London hussel was definitely needed. I don't have any photo's of our beach trip. Phone no power ah. Here is a peak from my latest sketch book working on some summer ideas. It's part of my design process working on little sketch book stories on a theme. I generate random ideas to develop  into patterns and illustrations. I enjoy making them and I thought you would like a peak. I actually like the cover page the most so far. I hope it inspires you to go to the beach this weekend. Have a great week.

Sea side sketch book peak Susse Ltd ©2013

Sea side sketch book peak Susse Ltd ©2013
Sea side sketch book peak Susse Ltd ©2013

Monday, June 3, 2013

Summer has arrived

Summer at Last Susse ©2013
Yeah!! summer has officially arrived. Guess I am a happy cat to see the sunshine in London again.
Car tops down, music going, everyone wearing happy colours on the street. Good feelings.