Friday, August 23, 2013

From my desk this week Happy Days

Happy Days Susse Ltd © 2013

Hello from my desk this week. So it is now at the end of week 5 of the summer holidays. We have been having some happy days. The weather has been amazing this summer in London. We are all starting to feel a little summer holiday fatigue and craving some routine again. Rocket can not wait to go back to school and missing all his friends. His school is building a new playground so everyone is excited to see what it will look like. There is not much working going here for me grand plans scuppered by illness so summer workshop for Rocket turned into a get better in bed for me instead of work. But I did manage to whizz up a birthday card for my husband Jarrod this week. Here he is my happy days birthday cake card in some manly colours. We had a lovely time in China town just a family meal together enjoying a summer evening in London's Soho. I hope you having some happy days this summer. Have a great weekend.

Oh check out this if your in London visit the Pop up shop in London's Piccadilly circus featuring up and coming design businesses. We discovered it on our China town night.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

From my desk this week - E is for envelope

E is for envelope Susse Ltd © 2013

E is for envelope Susse Ltd © 2013
Hello from my desk this week. E is for envelope I just submitted a letter to one of my favorite magazines Uppercase. Hurry you still have a little time to have a go. The idea is to create an alphabet or letter using office supplies. You might have a chance to be in print in issue 19. I decided to gather up all the old envelopes I have been collecting and use the patterns inside and collage them into offices supplies. Create the letter e for envelope.

You can submit and find out more here about the project.

Friday, August 2, 2013

From my desk this week- Lilla Rogers GTS

Lilla Rogers GTS Logo
Hello from my desk this week. I just wanted to say congratulations!! to all the semi finalists at the Lilla Rogers Global Talents search. The designs are fantastic you should take a look.

I can't imagine what it was like to have to choose from over 1500 entries from 30 countries must have been a very tough choice. If I was to just buy one of these journals in a store I just couldn't say which one I would pick?? As I said in a previous post it's not about the winning it's the taking part. I really took a lot away from just taking part and working on the brief which generated so many new ideas for me. I am really happy to have taken part and meet new people on-line  along the way.  Learnt some things about my self along the way.

Here is my entry I promised to share with you . The brief was to design a journal for Paperchase
on the theme of a children's playground. Something I am very familiar with as I spend a huge amount of time hanging out with my son in the park. Especially this summer holiday.
I called this pretend and play. I think one of the most magical things about a child's playground is that it only comes to life once there are children it and the imaginative play. I love seeing several spider men in different sizes running around and playing together.

See you next week and have a great weekend.
Pretend and Play my entry for the Lilla Rogers GTS Susse Ltd © 2013