Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Add fun to your year.

As we Leap forward into Spring and all the fun things that April brings. Here is another Calendar to enjoy.
Hopefully there won't be too many April showers next month. We have had quite enough rain this year so far thank you very much. Enjoy.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Lilla"s Assignment Boot camp March Gallery Now Open

It's time to make yourself a hot coffee or tea and sit back and enjoy the great designs now on show . It's the March Gallery of Lilla's Assignment boot camp. Check out the awesome designs everyone came up with and the original inspiration was Jelly moulds and the brief to design a boult fabric for the quilting market. Take a look here  Enjoy.

Not too old to make a mother's day card.

It's mother's day this weekend in the UK. I still make my Mum a card every year.  Here is a card for your Mum's to download and print out . So don't forget your Mum this weekend. Mums always love a handmade card. I can't wait to see what Rocket will make for me.

Friday, March 21, 2014

A postcard story Part 2

Remember the post card I made the other week for the great big stitched postcard swap event. Here is my beautiful spring postcard I received this week. When you make your own postcard you don't know who you are making it for. I have to say it was such a lovely treat to received this lovely handmade art work through the mail.
Thank you so much Silky for making the time and sending this post card.
Find out more about Silky's creative business over at her website Silky Hart.
I hope this inspires you to make a lovely piece of mail for someone. They will love it I guarantee it.

From my desk this week - Let's Party Boot camp

Hello from my desk this week. It's been a  very busy week again as I finished of Lilla's assignment boot camp. Big assignment to design patterns for bolt fabric for the quilting market.
Here is the final design I came up with some mad parting jellies and cakes. It will be in the March gallery next week and I am looking forward to seeing the final designs that everyone has come up with . There where some lovely designs going on the face book page. I am happy I tried out some of Lilla's exercise on colour I came up with a whole new library of colours to work from. Good to mix with paint and not just on the computer. Although I did a lot of work I felt a little disappointed with my final presentation sheet for the gallery but maybe I am being a bit tough on myself. Any way you will see it next week. 
In the meantime I printed of the main design and co-ordinate fabric designs on to fabric and even had this crazy idea make a jelly pincushion. I hope it puts you in a party mood for the weekend. XX

Friday, March 14, 2014

From my desk this week - Boot camping Jelly

Preparing my desk for the first day of bootcamp march mini.
Hello from my desk this week. The pattern theme continues with my life this month. Here is the latest work I have been up to on Lilla's assignment boot camp. As you can see the mini theme this month is Jelly moulds. I have to say my first week I had a bit of struggle. I set my self some goals.
Things I tried.
*Use new materials.
*Worked in another room away from the distracting computer. More space : ).
*Avoided papercutting and black pen line. ( soooooo hard)
* Just drew things for fun.
I am glad I did stick to theme and push through as this week I really feel that tipping point of going into a new way of working. Hoorah!! boot camping must be working. Learning not to feel rushed and stressing about all the million other things I need to do and just get into the zone.
Here are some fruits of my labour this week below. I am simplifying things now and preparing some patterns for quilting fabric.  As the big assignment for boot camp is to design bolt fabric. It is something I have been thinking of approaching companies with my designs or selling on Spoon flower.
Quilting fabrics are starting to get really trendy now and fast to pick up on trends and themes. I just bought this beautiful patterned fabric designed by Eloise Renouf from Raystitch store the other day to make a summer dress. (I went into Raystitch store to check out the fabrics and bought some opps!!)
So I am off to work on patterns today show you the results next week.
Have a great weekend. XX

Sketches for the mini boot camp.

Sketches for the mini boot camp.

Sketches for the mini boot camp.

Sketches for the mini boot camp.

Sketches for the mini boot camp.

Sketches for the mini boot camp.

Sketches for the mini boot camp.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Thank you Uppercase Magazine

Hello and here is my good news I can now reveal TA DA!! I received the fantastic new last week that my work will be featured in the next issue no 21  of Uppercase Magazine about surface pattern design. My work was selected  from over 2000 entries as part of a showcase of 100 surface pattern designers around the world. Uppercase magazine will be featuring tips from some of the top designers and leaders in the industry. Many of whom I have featured in my Pattern Queens pinterest board and work I absolutely adore. The magazine will be distributed at the world famous surface pattern trade show Surtex show in New York in May 2014.

It really feels such an honour to be selected I still can't quite believe it yet. This magazine has been one of my dream magazines to have my designs featured in. It is such beautiful magazine and really gives you a peak into the world of creative people life and work something you can't quite get just from a computer screen. Even the paper feels great and the smell of the ink on the pages make it a whole experience.
It always feels a real treat to buy this magazine and keep it forever.
I was so excited I sent a thank you card to  the editor and look my thank you dog was posted onto the Uppercase Blog. Here is a movie below about the new Surface Pattern supplement coming out in April 2014. See if you spot Susse Collection in this movie.

If you love this magazine then here is a special discount code I wanted to share with my readers.
To become  a subscriber you can use the code "USPDG2014" for $15 off subscriptions. The code works for renewals, too. Valid until April 30.

Friday, March 7, 2014

From my desk this week- Pattern Week

FTM Museum Artists Textiles Exhibition.
Hello from my desk this week. My week has been filled with patterns. Lot's of exciting and good news too.Some I can tell you about next week one of my dreams that have come true. I kept up my new years resolution to go out and see an exhibition last Friday. Here is some eye candy for you. If you live in London and love textiles and pattern design then go and check out the amazing exhibit at theFashion and Textile Museum A catalogue of textiles from the twenty century. I went crazy taking photos but sorry there a bit shaky as you can't use flash photography and it was quite dark. You can get an impression from collages below.
If you go you will be treated to a visual feast of textiles from Henri Matisse,Picasso,Salvador Dali,Andy Warhol and many many more.
If you can't go you can buy a book of the exhibition at the museum store.

More pattern news Pattern Observer started a pinterest board of Ultimate Guide To Repeats students so check out the lovely work my fellow class mates created.
Even more pattern news The amazing Patternbank trend website has now started an on-line studio.
My work has just been accepted this week and the studio will go live on the 24th of March.
I am so excited to be part of this on-line studio and community.
Last weeks trip to the Fashion Textile Museum was so worth it so fellow Artists and designers give yourself a break leave your desks and go out find something inspiring to look at you never know how valuable that experience maybe to you in the future.
Off boot camping now immersing myself in the world of Jellies mmmm!!! interesting!!! I will tell all next week how I get on.
Have a great weekend. XX

FTM Museum Artists Textiles Exhibition.

FTM Museum Artists Textiles Exhibition.

FTM Museum Artists Textiles Exhibition.
FTM Museum Artists Textiles Exhibition.

FTM Museum Artists Textiles Exhibition.